Carton Caddy™ On Walmart Shelves

We have been working on getting the Carton Caddy® onto Walmart shelvcs this summer. We believe we can do it with your help !

We have entered the second phase of making this a reality and we need your vote today !

Please follow this link: and give us your vote.

The benefit to you, the consumer, is that the Carton Caddy® will be much easier and cheaper to purchase and you won’t have to pay USPS shipping charges.

The Carton Caddy® makes a great little gift for your elderly relatives and friends. Waxed paper cartons are cheaper to purchase than plastic bottles, better for the environment and the contents stay fresher longer because they are shielded from the UV rays that so easily penetrate plastic containers. For more information on the benefits of using the Carton Caddy and 1/2 gallon milk and juice waxed paper cartons go to this link, but before you do that, go to Walmart and vote to get the Carton Caddy on Walmart shelves !

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