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Is The Glass In The Hotel Bathroom Clean ?

Really ask yourself this question:

“Is the glass in the hotel bathroom clean ?” next time you stay at a hotel or motel.  If it isn’t, do you really want to put you toothbrush into that glass ?  Are you willing to have your toothbrush fall out of the glass onto the counter ?

Simply put, absolutely not.  If you think we’re biased, well yes, we are.  We have a product available, the SteriStand, that makes it unnecessary for you to use the glass in the hotel bathroom as the place to put your toothbrush.

We had nothing to do with the making of this video but we believe that once you have watched this video you will understand why we designed and manufacture the SteriStand.




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Wholesale and Distributor Inquiries

Wholesale and distributor inquiries are welcomed.

Both the Carton Caddy™ and the SteriStand® are available for customized orders and to retail / resellers at reasonable discounts with some volume commitments.

Carton Caddy™ minimum orders for small retailers / resellers begin at just 20 pieces per order. For customized branding we require a minimum order of 1,000 pieces.

SteriStand® disposable travel toothbrush stands are available to dentists, hotels, motels, cruise lines and other associated industries at wholesale prices beginning at 280 pieces per order. We have a number of alternatives available for custom branding and will quote each based on volume and work load.

Please use the contact form to email our sales department, or call Erik at (818) 233-5316.