Become An Affiliate

Become an affiliate and earn commissions based on referral sales every month !

We have a very simple to implement affiliate program.  All you have to do is create a page on your web site with a link to ours using the link information we will provide you when you register and are authorized.

Once authorized, you will be notified by email, you become an affiliate and you can link to any of the photos and videos on our web site to display on your promotional pages for our products.  You will be authorized to display our trademarks in an appropriate manner on your web site.  You will not be authorized to use our trademarks in any way not associated with promoting our products or in any form other than for display on your web site.

When we receive a referral from your web site we track the source and should the customer purchase anything within 60 days we will pay you the approved referral commission.  That’s it, it really is that simple.

The approved referral commission is currently 15% of the net selling price on all products.

Become and ERA Enterprises Ltd. web sales affiliate today by completing our registration form:

(click here) YES, I want to become an affiliate today !

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