Electrically Adjustable Rehabilitation Table

Fully Adjustable Table

We are pleased to announce the availability of the powered fully adjustable table designed specifically for children with physical challenges.  The first of these fully adjustable tables was provided to Sunnyvale Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The removable inserts are particularly useful to children as physical size changes as they mature.  For adults we can provide a single insert desk at a lower cost.

The table incorporates a powerful electric motor that will raise and lower the surface in a perfectly horizontal position to whatever custom height the user determines.  Furthermore, the table has a set of inserts that provide maximum flexibility for accomodating seated position, even supplying arm rests if necessary.

Please watch the video at your convenience and contact us for further information.  We will shortly provide a product number and pricing.

The powered adjustable table was designed in conjunction with the physical therapists at the children’s hospital,  A number of these tables have now been provided for use by physically challenged and wheelchair bound individuals.

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