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1/2 Gallon Holder – Recent Customer Comments

Carton Caddy XL
Carton Caddy® 1/2 gallon holder for milk, juice and food products.
Carton Caddy ®
Carton Caddy ® XL 1/2 gallon holder for milk and juice
Carton Caddy® XL

The Carton Caddy® is a 1/2 gallon holder for milk and juice containers manufactured in Canada while the Carton Caddy® XL, also a 1/2 gallon holder for milk or juice, or other food products, is manufactured right here in the United States.

In addition to being available right here on our web site, we sell the Carton Caddy® on Amazon and eBay and, soon, we hope to be on the WalMart online shopping site.

We thought you’d like to read some comments our customers have been making about our products and services.  These comments have been received through eBay, Amazon and right here.

Some of us may remember a similar product from our youth. This is a GREAT device. We moved to non dairy “milks” and this has been a a hit for pick up the carton with confidence. I think every grocery should sell these in the dairy aisle; it would surely be a hit. Looking towards seeing if a smaller quart size is available, which I will purchase. For anyone with elderly, children, or someone with limited grasping — it should definitely be in your home. Love, Love it. Thanks for a wonderful product. MH

My husband has some arthritis in his hands so I got a pair of these: one for my morning coffee’s half-and-half, the other for coconut milk. What a help these are—and even for me with no hand issues. There are lots of different configurations online yet, really, none can do a better job.

I really love this item and it fits the carton snug so when you go to pour it stays put…….I hated trying to pick up a sweating carton all the time and was afraid I would drop the carton

Super well made and so easy to use thank you so much