I Cannot “Do Nothing”

We are a business. As such, I believe business should stick to business and not become embroiled in political issues, taking partisan positions on issues, any issues. However, I make two exceptions, although these aren’t really exceptions as I don’t believe these two issues are partisan.

This first issue to which I refer is that of freedom of religion. A business owner should have the freedom to express their religious belief without fear of “reprisal”. Doing so may result in a boycott by the “I don’t like your religion” crowd, whatever that religion happens to be from atheism to Orthdoxy and everything in between. The business owner chosing to make his or her religious position known and standing by whatever religious principles they adhere to should be free to do so. Free to exercise that religion is a critical component so a doctor in private practice refusing to provide in vitro fertilizations services, or abortion services, or a baker refusing to bake a cake or a photographer refusing to provide photographic services to a gay wedding should have the right to do so. This is a critical component of person liberty, in my view.

The other issue is freedom of speech or, if you like, freedom of assembly.

In this regard, let me reference the case of Jeremy Brown, January 6th political prisoner. I don’t know, and do not want to speak for all of the January 6th detainees. I have no idea how many of them were violent, I don’t know how many of them are Antifa members. I do know Jeremy Brown is neither and Antifa member nor was he violent or even protesting on January 6th 2021.

I am not going to go into all of the detail but, from what I know, much of which you can find on the Jeremy Brown Defense web site, Jeremy Brown is being persecuted by the corrupt Chris Wray FBI and the even more corrupt, although it’s hard to believe that is possible, Merrick Garland DOJ.

It is, frankly, appalling that an American citizen can sit in solitary confinement in maximum security for months on end without so much as a charge. Meanwhile their right to representation is hindered, their family is persecuted by the FBI brown shirts and their lives destroyed.

This is not a partisan issue. This is a liberty issue that concerns, or should concern, every American. Every American.

I happen to be right of center, but I would take exactly the same position were the person incarcerated a non-violent, protesting, left of center individual. I would be just as outraged had the Trump administration sent the FBI to arrest non-violent BLM protestors and locked them up for months on end.

No American deserves the treatment the irredeemably corrupt Chris Wray FBI has meted out on anti-Biden protestors. It is a complete disgrace. If this is allowed to continue we are in danger of becoming a tin pot, third world dictatorship. We are already not very different to the U.S.S.R. and the FBI filling the shoes of the KGB.

Please, if you care about freedom, if you care about democracy, if you care about the republic and if you care about the kind of future your children and grandchildren are going to live in, then you must protest the treatment of Jeremy Brown, at a minimum. You must protest the corrupt FBI and DOJ.


This may not be much, but it isn’t “nothing”.

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