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A package of 12 (minimum) gem squash, also known as rolet squash, seeds. These seeds are organically grown in Tennessee, although not certified organic. We will ship to the United States only.

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NOTE: We are no longer shipping gem squash, please order at .

Our gem squash seeds are produced here in Tennessee, U.S.A. (buy American !). They are organically grown but not certified organic. We promise to provide a minimum of 12 seeds per packet. These seeds are produced and dried from the previous season so should have no issues germinating. If you are not germinating a whole lot, you can easily do so in a damp paper towel in a jar, just the same way you did with beans when in school. Alternatively, use any good germinating soil / system like Burpee Organic Seed Starting Mix and insert the seed no more than 1/4″ below the surface.

If you are interested in purchasing the squash in season, please use our contact form here: Contact Us to let us know.

The Gem Squash, as we knew it when we lived in Sourth Africa, is also widely known as the Rolet Squash and is a very popular vegetable. It isn’t hard to grow, loves the sun, lots of sun. You can reap a bountiful harvest with just a minimal amount of care.

There are many ways to prepare gem squash, we prefer them just steamed with some butter and salt and pepper.

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