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Fully Adjustable Table

Electrically Adjustable Rehabilitation Table

We are pleased to announce the availability of the powered fully adjustable table designed specifically for children with physical challenges.  The first of these fully adjustable tables was provided to Sunnyvale Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The removable inserts are particularly useful to children as physical size changes as they mature.  For adults we can provide a single insert desk at a lower cost.

The table incorporates a powerful electric motor that will raise and lower the surface in a perfectly horizontal position to whatever custom height the user determines.  Furthermore, the table has a set of inserts that provide maximum flexibility for accomodating seated position, even supplying arm rests if necessary.

Please watch the video at your convenience and contact us for further information.  We will shortly provide a product number and pricing.

The powered adjustable table was designed in conjunction with the physical therapists at the children’s hospital,  A number of these tables have now been provided for use by physically challenged and wheelchair bound individuals.

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Is The Glass In The Hotel Bathroom Clean ?

Really ask yourself this question:

“Is the glass in the hotel bathroom clean ?” next time you stay at a hotel or motel.  If it isn’t, do you really want to put you toothbrush into that glass ?  Are you willing to have your toothbrush fall out of the glass onto the counter ?

Simply put, absolutely not.  If you think we’re biased, well yes, we are.  We have a product available, the SteriStand, that makes it unnecessary for you to use the glass in the hotel bathroom as the place to put your toothbrush.

We had nothing to do with the making of this video but we believe that once you have watched this video you will understand why we designed and manufacture the SteriStand.




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Hearthstone Lodge – Kamiah ID

Hearthstone LogoWe are very pleased to be able to announce that the Hearthstone Lodge in Kamiah, Idaho, has selected the SteriStand as a necessary item for the bathrooms of their fine establishment.

The Hearthstone Lodge is a premier vacation residence in Kamiah, Idaho providing an elegant place to stay whether you are passing through or looking for somewhere on the Clearwater River to spend a few quiet days in contemplation.  For additional information please go to the Hearthstone Lodge Web site.

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Scottsburn Dairies – NS

Some of our products are available at retailers and wholesalers. As we add another partner to our list we will provide links to their locations so that you can easily find one in your neighborhood.

scotsburn-partner-image-320w-72dpiThe Scotsburn Dairy Group sells our Carton Caddy through it’s chain of dairies and affiliated grocers in Nova Scotia and the Eastern Provinces in Canada.

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What Makes The Carton Caddy A Great Product ?

We have been asked a few times why anyone would want to buy a Carton Caddy, so we tried to come up with an ‘elevator pitch’. Here it is…

The Carton Caddy makes it easy, especially for those with smaller and weaker hands and those suffering from arthritis, neuropathy and other health issues such as Parkinson’s disease, to handle 1/2 gallon (1 liter) milk, juice and sugar containers.

Milk and juice keep better in waxed paper cartons than they do in plastic containers, in large part because they are not exposed to ultra-violet rays.

Furthermore, the waxed cartons are more environmentally friendly than the plastic containers.

Dairy products and juices are frequently cheaper for the customer in waxed cartons. Combined with the Carton Caddy, a one time purchase which is not going to be dumped in the land fill every time the container is empty, the customer has the health benefits of waxed cartons and the ease of use benefits of plastic containers.

All while protecting the environment.

Rhonda - Torrance

So that’s it. Those benefits are available to anyone using a plastic carton handle. We believe our product is better than any similar products for the following reasons:

  1. It is very easy to assemble, simply clipping together when taken out of the shipping envelope.
  2. It is very light, but durable.
  3. It is easy to place over the carton, you don’t have to pick each carton up – risking a spill – to place it into the Carton Caddy in order to use it to reduce the risk of spillage.
  4. Full cartons have a habit of slipping forward out of the handles that you drop the carton into. This won’t happen with the patented Carton Caddy because the tabs hold the Carton securely.
  5. There are no screws to screw in.
  6. It is dishwasher safe.
  7. It is completely recyclable.
  8. It is made exclusively in Canada and the United States.

Buy yours today !

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Carton Caddy™ On Walmart Shelves

We have been working on getting the Carton Caddy® onto Walmart shelvcs this summer. We believe we can do it with your help !

We have entered the second phase of making this a reality and we need your vote today !

Please follow this link: and give us your vote.

The benefit to you, the consumer, is that the Carton Caddy® will be much easier and cheaper to purchase and you won’t have to pay USPS shipping charges.

The Carton Caddy® makes a great little gift for your elderly relatives and friends. Waxed paper cartons are cheaper to purchase than plastic bottles, better for the environment and the contents stay fresher longer because they are shielded from the UV rays that so easily penetrate plastic containers. For more information on the benefits of using the Carton Caddy and 1/2 gallon milk and juice waxed paper cartons go to this link, but before you do that, go to Walmart and vote to get the Carton Caddy on Walmart shelves !

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Paperboard and The Carton Caddy® v. Plastic Milk Containers

Milk-BottlesThere are three very good reasons to purchase your milk and juice in the environmentally friendly 1/2 gallon waxed paper cartons over the plastic milk and juice containers.

  1. It’s Better For The Environment
  2. It’s Healthier For You And Your family
  3. You Can Save Money

It’s Better For The Environment

This may seem to be contrary to your expectation but in fact it uses less energy to produce a paperboard carton than it does to produce the plastic containers. Almost all of the energy used to make plastic is from fossil fuels. Remember also that all plastic products are manufactured from crude oil, a finite resource, while paperboard products are manufactured from a renewable resource.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Although plastic milk jugs are more likely to be recycled than paperboard cartons, they’re unlikely to be recycled into anything useful. For instance, your recycled milk jug will never find itself reincarnated as another milk jug.

In areas where paperboard milk cartons can be tossed into the curbside recycling bin, a single carton can be reprocessed into at least five sheets of paper.

It’s Healthier For You And Your Family

There are very real health benefits associated with the paperboard carton as well. It turns out that when milk is exposed to light, as it is if it’s contained in the plastic jug sitting in the grocery store refrigerator, it can lose significant levels of Vitamin A, riboflavin, and Vitamin D. This happens after as little as 15 hours of exposure to light. Of course, light cannot penetrate the paperboard carton, keeping your milk healthier longer.

Within a few days of getting your milk home the milk starts to get the sour smell in the plastic containers even though it may still taste alright.

In the paperboard 1/2 gallon milk containers fresh milk will last longer up to two weeks longer than it would in plastic in the same environment. This is because the light that penetrates the translucent plastic container encourages the growth of microbes in the milk and consequently the milk starts to spoil much sooner.

Milk spends a good portion of its life in a very well lit display case at the grocery store. By buying milk in a paperboard carton you can be sure you are getting the freshest milk available in the store !

You Can Save Money

There are two ways you will save money by buying your milk in a 1/2 gallon paper carton over the plastic container.

First, when you are next in the grocery store checkout the price. In most locations the 1/2 gallon paper milk carton is up to 1/3rd, 30 percent, cheaper than the same amount of milk in a plastic container. With a half gallon of milk in a plastic container costing $3 that means you can save the price of a Carton Caddy™ after buying just 5 1/2 gallon containers of milk in the waxed paper carton compared to making that same purchase in the plastic container.

Secondly, the average American throws away 1/3rd of a gallon of milk per week due to spoilage that occurs in plastic milk jugs. The average cost of a gallon of milk, as of this writing, is $3.44. In other words, the average American throws away $1.14 worth of milk per week. When added together, the savings on the cost of your milk by switching to waxed paper 1/2 gallon cartons and the Carton Caddy™ can be as much as $2 per week or over $100 per year !


We’ve only talked about milk, but in fact the above applies equally to all pasteurized products including goat, almond and soy milks – not just cow’s milk – and to pasteurized juices.

Buy your Carton Caddy™ today and start saving money and living a healthier lifestyle all while helping to save the planet !