The Carton Caddy® milk and juice holder will make it easy for you to use 1/2 gallon cartons.  Today, these cartons are sold with milk, juice, soy products and sugar, to name but a few, and are generally cheaper to buy than the same product in a plastic container.  On top of that, the contents last longer as they are not exposed to ultra-violet radiation.

Sale! Carton Caddy ® White
Carton Caddy ® White
The Carton Caddy makes it easy, especially for those with smaller and weaker hands and those suffering from arthritis, neuropathy and other health issues such as Parkinson's disease, to handle 1/2 gallon (1 liter, 2 quart) milk, juice and sugar containers. Milk and juice keep better in waxed paper cartons than they do in plastic containers, in large part because they are not exposed to ultra-violet rays.
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