Terms and Conditions of Sale

We have a very simple terms and conditions of sale.

  • All of our products are sold with a 90 day warranty that they are fit for the purpose for which they are sold. Some of our products may carry longer warranties depending on the specific product which will be described on the product pages / materials.
  • If you receive your item and are dissatisfied with the product for any reason whatsoever, maybe you just changed your mind, you can request a refund. See our refunds and returns policy page for more information.
  • Apart from fitness for use as described on this web site, we provide no other warranties, express or implied.

We are the sole manufacturers of the Carton Caddy® 1/2 gallon carton handles and the SteriStand® disposable travel toothbrush holder. We presently manufacture the smaller carton caddy in Canada and the XL in the United States. The SteriStand® disposable travel toothbrush stand is manufactured in the United States. We take pride in the quality of our products and in supporting American and Canadian jobs.

Please note also that you may receive a reminder request to provide a review of your experience with our product and service. This will only occur once for each order. We really do appreciate your reviews as we rely on referrals for the majority of our sales. Thank you in advance !