Great Home Business For Sale

ERA Enterprises Ltd., a great home business, is for sale. The original Carton Caddy(r), designed and manufactured in Canada in the 1990s, was acquired by ERA Enterprises in 2008. In 2010 ERA Enterprises also acquired the tooling and rights to the Carton Caddy XL. Both of these products, with distinct designs, are currently manufactured inRead More

Half Gallon Carton Caddy Ships Free

We recently changed our pricing for the half gallon Carton Caddy® on both Amazon and our own web site. The half gallon carton caddy ships free now to the lower 48 States for our most popular packages. Most of our orders are for one and two half gallon Carton Caddy® XL. We have provided discountsRead More

We Believe Amazon Is Bad For Consumers

We believe Amazon is bad for consumers. We are presently considering leaving Amazon as a third party seller. There are a number of reasons for wanting to do so, but the current impetus is because Amazon are requiring biometric information now in order to “validate” our account. We sell on eBay and Etsy, among others,Read More

Just In Time For The Holidays

We are very pleased to be able to say that we have been able to completely restock our inventory of Carton Caddy® XL products and will not have a shortage. Generally speaking it takes about 4 days to deliver anywhere in the continental United States via USPS. We do ship to Canada but that canRead More

What Are The Odds ?

I had a great time reading Mike Lindell of MyPillow fame’s book, “What Are The Odds, From Crack Addict To CEO”. Having completed the book in short order, it’s a very easy read, I spent some time ruminating on how the CEO of and became as famous as he has, where he startedRead More

Gem Squash Seeds

We are very pleased to be able to add gem squash seeds to our store this year. These seed’s heritage is South African so if you are familiar with the South African version of this squash, then you will not be disappointed with the fruit of these gem squash seeds. The gem squash organically, althoughRead More

Carton Caddy Supply Shortages

We have been very fortunate to be able to continue to supply the Carton Caddy XL over the past 18 months since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. To some degree this was enabled by keeping a large inventory and ordering scheduling manufacturing ahead of requirement rather than “just in time” inventory. However, for theRead More

Carton Caddy Prices Rising

By now, I am sure everyone is aware of the rampant inflation and falling dollar we are experiencing here in America. To add to the pain of a falling dollar and increasing costs, supply chain shortages are affecting everything from petroleum to lumber and pretty much everything else. These problems are being felt across theRead More

Survive COVID-19 H-Box® Discount

Here at ERA Enterprises Ltd. we are pleased to announce a “Survive COVID-19 H-Box® Discount” for the month of April. This special offer will last as long as we have inventory, or until the end of April. Once we run out of allocated inventory the discount offer will end. The H-Box® hockey box is theRead More