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Night Cramps


As anyone who has experienced them, night cramps can be excruciating. Night cramps can occur in any muscle, at any time of night. For me, they happen in my feet and legs, generally after 3:00 a.m. in the morning.

I do not suffer from muscle cramps at all during the day and although I spend most of my day sitting, be it at a desk or piano, I do walk for at least 40 minutes a minimum of four times a week. While I could be more active and perhaps work out at a gym, I think at 65 I am beyond trying to have a “six pack” or be buff. Those days are long behind me, never to return.

At 193-196lbs I am little overweight for my height, skeleton and age at 65 years young, I don’t believe I have any real health issues. Except, of course, for the night cramps.

For me, they are typically extremely painful and, at least in the recent, past, my only solution was to “leap” out of bed and put as much weight on the offending leg, if only one of them is cramping, as I can. Shortly thereafter the cramp will go away. Shortly being a minute or two. The problem is that there is no guarantee that it won’t return the minut I lie down again.

I don’t have blood pressure issues either. So I do wonder what exactly it is that brings on the night cramps. I drink a reasonable quantity of water and probably too much coffee, tea and wine (2 glasses) on a daily basis.

It has always been my understanding that a lack of potassium is the problem. As a fan of fresh, slightly green – i.e. no black spots, bananas, I took to eating at least 1 banana a day. To supplement the fresh banana I also purchased various potassium supplements and started ingesting at least 595mg a day, sometimes as much as 1,000mg a day. The results were poor. I continued to get night cramps.

The Solution

One day, we were out with friends from our church having lunch at Toppers pizza and my friend, who is in the renovation industry, confessed that he too has suffered from night cramps. He is in excellent shape compared to me and leads an extremely actively lifestyle. Clearly, lack of activity is not my problem. Bill suggested I try a magnesium supplement. The night cramps can be so severe I said I’d try pretty much anything, so I did go out and buy 2 large bottles of magnesium.

The first day I took 1,000mg to give myself an initial boost. For 2 days I had no cramps at all. Then I started to have mild, short lived cramps that I could “relax” my way out of. For a week or two I tried various doses of magnesium but nothing really changed. Most nights I’d have mild cramps, mostly around my ankle, sometimes in my calf muscle.

So I change my regimen to include 595mg of potassium plus 250mg of magnesium. These are just the cheapest supplements I could find, not fancy “high absorption”, “natural” or whatever supplements that cost 3 times the cheapos.

After a week, I am basically night cramp free. If I skip a day because I forgot to take my supplements, the night cramps return the same day. On the other hand, the same day I go back on my dosage my night cramps disappear.

If you are suffering from night cramps, give this a try. You just may find it helps. Let me know !

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Carton Caddy ® Customer Reviews

We value our customers and do everything we can to ensure they are happy, even if that means providing a refund and returning the product. As a consequence, we have consistently maintained a 4.9 star rating on Amazon and eBay. Below you will find some of their comments about both the Carton Caddy ® and the service they have received from ERA Enterprises Ltd.

LOVE this….don’t know why we waited so long to buy one !!!!!

I was having trouble with my soy milk cartons creasing and collapsing, as well as not having the hand strength any more to pour the 1/2 gallons with one hand. These caddies are terrific. They hold the cartons securely and make pouring much easier for me. My order actually arrived on the very first estimated delivery date. I am very pleased.

It came in a timely manner and works!

My sister is very happy with them.

Handy dandy kitchen tool!

I’ve been looking for a 1/2 gal milk/juice holder to ease my discomfort from arthritis in my hands. We had a holder when our children were growing up, I was not sure if they were even made anymore! You can find ANYTHING you need at Amazon, it’s shocking! Carton holder arrived appearing just as it did in the picture. If you have achy hands this certainly helps!

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Neuropathy Pain

I suffer from neuropathy pain in my forearm and left hand.  This centers mostly around my thumb and, more importantly it makes my hand feel quite weak sometimes when I try to do things.

As I have grown a older I have looked for non-chemical, non-surgical solutions.  In the end, because the pain and weakness was becoming so severe I had to have surgery.  The great surgeon performed minimally invasive surgery in the back of my neck and, after coming out from anaesthetic, I felt immediately better.  I was still on pain killers and anti-inflamatory drugs for almost a year.

The surgeon told me that by the end of 12 to 18 months I would be at the discomfort level that would be with me until I either had fusion of the vertebrae surgery or died.  At the end of that period I was ecstatic with the pain level.  It was so much diminished that I felt almost normal.

That’s about 6 years ago now and the pain has returned to some degree.  It isn’t constant, but at times I take some naproxen anti-inflammatory, or ibuprofen to ease the swelling and hence the discomfort.  This continues to work for me.

At the same time, I’ve been looking for utensils / products that will alleviate some of the issues with dexterity and weakness that have returned.  I went looking for nothing specific, just “tools” in general.  After a couple of months of searching I was browsing on Amazon one day and came across the Carton Caddy.  I looked at some of the competitors but I did not like the metal one which was also much more expensive.  While the metal one was ‘Prime’, so I would not have had to pay for shipping, the Carton Caddy, even including the shipping, was cheaper.

I am very glad I purchased the Carton Caddy.  I now have four of them.  They are really sturdy but also very light which is great so the milk and juice cartons I use don’t feel any heavier to lift.  I don’t like buying drinks, liquids, in plastics because the shelf life of the product is reduced due to exposure to ultra-violet rays which isn’t the case in a cardboard carton.  I just think drinking liquids out of a carton is healthier than out of a plastic container.  Glass would be better, but glass hasn’t been used for milk or juice in years in the grocery store.

I highly recommend the Carton Caddy milk carton holder with handle to anyone and everyone suffering from neuropathy or arthritis.

The Carton Caddy, including shipping, seems to work out a little cheaper on the manufacturers web site than buying through Amazon or eBay.  You can even use your Amazon account to pay for the product on the web site.

Thank you Carton Caddy for making my life easier !

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Arthritis Remedies, Natural Remedies & Suggestions

Arthritis pain affects some 30 million Americans and many millions more world wide.  It is no wonder then that there a many arthritis remedies offered from hundreds, if not thousands, of sources, many of them fraudulent or, at best, quackery.

To understand arthritis and the source of the pain we need to look quickly at the structure of the human body.  Between each joint there is cartilage.  When we are young, it is normal for that cartilage to provide for the smooth, painless, operation of the joint.  The cartilage can become dysfunctional for a number of reasons through injury.  You have probably all heard the phrase ‘torn cartilage’.

For all of us, as we grow older, our bodies deteriorate.  They don’t heal as fast, the basic cells age and, as with our eyesight, our hearing, our muscle weight, our cartilage ‘shrinks’ or disintegrates resulting int he rubbing of bone directly on bone.  If you have experienced arthritis you know that this can be extremely painful.  There are many painkillers available to address the pain issues but none address the arthritis itself.

Probably the best known natural arthritis pain relievers are shark cartilage and copper bands or bracelets.  There are even remedies featuring snake venom.  We would like to suggest that before you sign up to spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on supplements and pain killers, you try a couple of the following natural remedies.

Arthritis Remedies


  1. If you are overweight, try to lose a few pounds until you are in a healthy weight range for your build and height.  Remember, the slower you lose the weight the more likely you are to keep it off and not cause other health problems along the way.  Every pound you lose relieves your knees of having to carry 4lbs.  According to Roy Altman, MD, many people will see their symptoms disappear if they lose 10 to 20 lbs.
  2. Light exercise is an essential ingredient in remaining healthy and, perhaps contrary to expectations, will relieve some arthritis pain in many instances.  This more likely has to do with muscle tone improvement but the chemicals (endorphins) released during exercise probably also have an impact on the realization of pain.
  3. Many people report having reduced pain with acupuncture.  My own experience with acupuncture was that it was not helpful so I did not continue the treatment.
  4. Glucosamine sulfate is another common remedy that studies seem to indicate works to some degree.  Unfortunately, the majority of the glucosamine sold in the United States is glucosamine hydrochloride and there are no studies indicating that this is an effective supplement.
  5. Chondroitin is another supplement, usually taken in conjunction with glucosamine, that appears to be somewhat effective, but only when taken with glucosamine.


There are many ‘muscular pain relief’ rubs that are too frequently used for arthritis pain.  However, there are some ointments / creams that do appear to have a positive result.

  1. Diclofenac gel, sold in the U.S. as Voltaren Gel or Pennsaid by prescription, is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory that can ease osteoarthritis pain in the knees, ankles, feet, elbows, wrists, and hands. It is uncertain if it will alleviate osteoarthritis of the spine, hip, or shoulder.  Pennsaid is available over the counter in Europe and possibly in Canada.
  2. Capsaicin cream seems to have some effect in relieving osteoarthritis pain.  Made from the same chemical that makes chili peppers hot, capsaicin cream is available without prescription.  It is believed that it may be acting as some kind of pain blocker but nobody is quite sure why it works.

Assistive Devices

Arthritis remedies include assistive devices.  Depending on the location of your arthritis you may benefit from the use of an assistive device.

  1. The Carton Caddy® is a milk carton handle designed to make it easier to handle 1/2 gallon milk, juice and other food product (sugar) cartons.  The original Carton Caddy® is light and strong and for use only with 1/2 gallon waxed cartons.  The Carton Caddy® XL will make it easier to handle both the 1/2 gallon waxed paper cartons, the 1/2 gallon plastic containers with the impossibly small built in handle and also 1/2 gallon soda bottles.  I have neuropathy in my left hand, probably from too much guitar playing, and the Carton Caddy® has been a real benefit to me.
  2. arthritis remedies neoprene wrist braceSometimes, neoprene supports for your wrists and elbows will help.  There are similar devices for knees, some with articulation supports, some just neoprene wraps.  As a hockey player I have used both types and they have been a benefit to me too.
  3. For arthritis in your hips, or knees, you may find a walking cane, shoe inserts or splints to be helpful.

Other arhtritis remedies include transcutaneous electrostimulation, TENS, which involves the placing electrodes around the affected joint and delivering electromagnetic pulses through the skin.  This appears to provide short term relief.  Chiropractic may break up the muscle spasms that often accompany arthritis, thus easing some pain and physical therapy can also be of assistance for some.

Sold as a natural pain reliever but may be an effective arhtritis remediesNew arthritis remedies are being offered all the time.  I am aware of Relief Factor, for example, that is offered as a 100% natural remedy for inflammatory pain.  I have not tried this product but all of the reports I hear are positive.  The company claims over 80% of all customers are repeat customers.

You can find additional information regarding arthritis and arthritis remedies at the Arthritis Foundation, Web MD and the Centers for Disease Control.

NOTE: This is informational only.  We are not doctors, I am not a doctor.  You should always consult your physician regarding any health issues you have.

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Carton Caddy® Receives 100% Positive Rating From Customers !

Milk Carton Handle

We are very pleased to announce that Carton Caddy® Receives 100% positive rating from customer on eBay.

eBay Satisfaction Graph

The Carton Caddy® and the Carton Caddy® XL are ideal handles for the young, the old, and as Jerry Brown, California governor said when referring to raising taxes on the wealthy … “and everyone else”.

The Carton Caddy® products make it easy to lift and pour from 1/2 gallon (2 litre) waxed paper cartons containing milk, juice, sugar or other food grade products.

In addition, the Carton Caddy® XL will hold a plastic 1/2 gallon container with the impossible handles, although you do need to be a little bit careful as the container drops below half full as it could slide out of the handle.  Not only that, but the XL can be used to hold 1/2 gallon (2 litre) soda bottles !

Both products are manufactured in Canada and the United States of high quality, completely recyclable materials.

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Amazon Pay Is Now Live !

We are please to announce that Amazon Pay is now live on our web site.

What this means for you is that you can use your Amazon account, if you have one, to pay on this web site and, to make the checkout process even easier, you can use your Amazon shipping information.  All without leaving the ERA Enterprises site.

To ensure your data is safe you will also notice that we now have the ‘green bar’ in the browser address bar.  This means that we are not only encrypting communications between us and you, and Amazon, but that we have been verified to be the company we say we are.  Our SSL (security) certificate and company was verified by Comodo, one of the worlds largest SSL certificate providers.

You will see the new Comodo logo  on our web site and blog pages.  In most instances, if you hover your mouse cursor over the icon Comodo will present our company information to you and confirm that your data is being transmitted securely.

We are pleased to be able to announce our inclusion of Amazon Pay, adding it to our regular Paypal payment method, at no extra cost to you.

Thank you for shopping with us.  We hope you will let your friends know about your shopping experience with us and the high quality of our products.

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Amazon Checkout Coming Soon !

Hi everyone, exciting news, Amazon Checkout is coming soon !

For a number of years now we have only had PayPal checkout.  We did this primarily for security reasons and convenience – we could accept all credit cards, paypal payment an echecks.  We could do all this without having to concern ourselves with our own site security and worrying about whether we would get hacked (we have not) and expose our customer’s credit card information.

Recently, however, we have committed to enabling our customers to purchase directly off our web site using their Amazon accounts.  We sell the vast majority of our products to Amazon customers and so, in order to facilitate those customers that have Amazon accounts, we are implementing Amazon checkout.

We are hopeful that we will have this established and running by October 1st 2017.  We’ll let you know as soon as we are finished testing.

Thanks for your custom.  We hope to see you back soon.

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Occupational Therapists Recommend Carton Caddy ®

We are very pleased to have the support of occupational therapists for the Carton Caddy® milk and juice carton handle.  Most recently we received some very positive reviews on our Amazon store, for example:

My worsening hand arthritis sent me to occupational therapy where this product was recommended. The carton caddy was well wrapped and delivered in a timely fashion.

and another similar happy customer:

This is a great product. Rheumatoid arthritis makes it painful to grip the milk cartons for lifting and pouring. This device makes my mornings much more comfortable! The product arrived promptly.

Prompt and excellence service from this seller. The products arrived quickly and I was extremely pleased with them. I would certainly buy again from this seller and highly recommend them.

Works great! My husband was so glad for the new addition.

The Carton Caddy® is not only great for the occupational therapist’s patient, but also provides an excellent opportunity for a customized promotional item for occupational therapists.  The Carton Caddy® is especially designed to carry a custom label on the front which the occupational therapist can use to promote their services.

If you are an occupational therapist please use our contact form to contact us regarding pricing and minimal volumes for a custom labeled Carton Caddy® for your practice.

You can purchase Carton Caddy® online right here in our shop, or on Amazon or eBay.

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1/2 Gallon Holder – Recent Customer Comments

Carton Caddy XL

Carton Caddy® 1/2 gallon holder for milk, juice and food products.
Carton Caddy ®

Carton Caddy ® XL 1/2 gallon holder for milk and juice
Carton Caddy® XL

The Carton Caddy® is a 1/2 gallon holder for milk and juice containers manufactured in Canada while the Carton Caddy® XL, also a 1/2 gallon holder for milk or juice, or other food products, is manufactured right here in the United States.

In addition to being available right here on our web site, we sell the Carton Caddy® on Amazon and eBay and, soon, we hope to be on the WalMart online shopping site.

We thought you’d like to read some comments our customers have been making about our products and services.  These comments have been received through eBay, Amazon and right here.

Some of us may remember a similar product from our youth. This is a GREAT device. We moved to non dairy “milks” and this has been a a hit for pick up the carton with confidence. I think every grocery should sell these in the dairy aisle; it would surely be a hit. Looking towards seeing if a smaller quart size is available, which I will purchase. For anyone with elderly, children, or someone with limited grasping — it should definitely be in your home. Love, Love it. Thanks for a wonderful product. MH

My husband has some arthritis in his hands so I got a pair of these: one for my morning coffee’s half-and-half, the other for coconut milk. What a help these are—and even for me with no hand issues. There are lots of different configurations online yet, really, none can do a better job.

I really love this item and it fits the carton snug so when you go to pour it stays put…….I hated trying to pick up a sweating carton all the time and was afraid I would drop the carton

Super well made and so easy to use thank you so much

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Arthritis Sufferers

Robert Heller - President
Robert Heller – President

Arthritis sufferers know that the pain can be debilitating and very wearing.  I suffer from a little arthritis in my spine, but more importantly perhaps, I suffer from neuropathy in my left hand and forearm.  I am very glad the arthritis is not in my right hand because I am right handed.  However, I am also a musician so having the pain in my left hand is not wonderful either.

My particular neuropathy, caused by pinched nerves in my neck for which I have already had minimally invasive surgery, thanks so much Kaiser Permanente, will ease off at times leaving me feeling my hand is almost normal.  At other times it will become so severe I have to lay my hand in my lap for a few seconds for relief.  Consequently, at times my left hand can feel pretty weak.

This is where the Carton Caddy ® comes in.  I got involved in the manufacturing of the Carton Caddy, originally owned by KISS Manufacturing in Canada, precisely because I was beginning to experience neuropathic pain, although I did not know what caused the pain at that time.

A friend of mine, the designer and manufacturer of the Carton Caddy, gave me one to try.  I liked it so much I decided to offer to establish a company to market the product to the public and here we are today, ERA Enterprises.

We now have two different styles of Carton Caddy.  The original Carton Caddy, of which we have sold thousands to customers all over North America, and the newer Carton Caddy XL.

web store category picThe two products look and work a little differently.  The original Carton Caddy is light, very durable, and can be customized for private labeling, for example by dairies and the Arthritis Society.  Additionally, because of it’s design, it slips easily over the top of the 1/2 gallon milk and juice carton and when pouring provides perfect balance.  When the carton is empty you simply slide the Carton Caddy off the bottom of the empty carton and then over the top of the new one.  You can see this demonstrated on our video.

with carton cutout white background-shadow-505hx600wThe Carton Caddy XL, on the other hand, is a heavier product and looks and functions like most of the copy cat products.  We understand that there are those that feel the original Carton Caddy isn’t quite as comfortable to use as the XL.  The milk, juice or soda holder is placed onto the counter and the milk, juice, soda bottle or sugar carton is placed into the top of the Carton Caddy XL and pushed down firmly until it rests in the bottom of the holder.  While not designed for 1/2 gallon soda bottles we have a number of customers that do use the milk and juice holder for soda.  I guess it’s better than having grandkids trying to hold 1/2 gallon soda bottles!

Well, whether you suffer from arthritis, neuropathy – as I do, Parkinsons or any other medical problem, or simply want to save money each time you buy milk or juice, the Carton Caddy is the perfect accessory for your kitchen.

You can buy the Carton Caddy right here from our web site, or on Amazon or eBay.  Our payment processing is completely secured by PayPal.  We do not receive any of your payment information and do not store it as it is all handled by PayPal’s secure service.

For more information on arthritis please go to the Arthritis Foundation’s web site, on Parkinsons please go to the Parkinsons Foundation web site and for general neuropathy questions you might look at the Neuropathy Action Foundation.