Half Gallon Carton Caddy Ships Free

Carton Caddy® XL 1/2 gallon carton holder
Carton Caddy® XL

We recently changed our pricing for the half gallon Carton Caddy® on both Amazon and our own web site. The half gallon carton caddy ships free now to the lower 48 States for our most popular packages.

Most of our orders are for one and two half gallon Carton Caddy® XL. We have provided discounts for the 2 pack for years, and also for the 4 and 5 pack Carton Caddy®.

As the USPS has now changed their parcel shipping costs, simplifying charges and offerings from parcel service, first class parcel etc. to the simpler Ground Advantage®, we felt that now might be a good time to try simplifying our order process and providing a price that includes reduced shipping for all.

You will also notice at this time that we have allowed the 2 pack to go out-of-stock at Amazon, making the 2 pack only available on our web site. We recently removed the 5 pack from Amazon and we now only sell the 4 pack and the 5 pack on our web site.

All of our changes are intended to help contain costs for our customers while providing the same quality, U.S.A. made product, and service.

We hope you will agree, and we believe that you do from the comments we receive, that the Carton Caddy XL® is a tremendous value and great product.

Carton Caddy XL® is the only U.S. designed and manufactured carton holder available in America today. Originally designed in the late 1990s in Washington State, the Carton Caddy XL has been recommended for people with rheumatism and arthritis and other issue that make lifting half gallon cartons of milk, juice and sugar difficult to handle. The Carton Caddy XL® also works well for half gallon soda bottles.

Carton Caddy® XL In Use