Neuropathy Pain

I suffer from neuropathy pain in my forearm and left hand.  This centers mostly around my thumb and, more importantly it makes my hand feel quite weak sometimes when I try to do things.

As I have grown a older I have looked for non-chemical, non-surgical solutions.  In the end, because the pain and weakness was becoming so severe I had to have surgery.  The great surgeon performed minimally invasive surgery in the back of my neck and, after coming out from anaesthetic, I felt immediately better.  I was still on pain killers and anti-inflamatory drugs for almost a year.

The surgeon told me that by the end of 12 to 18 months I would be at the discomfort level that would be with me until I either had fusion of the vertebrae surgery or died.  At the end of that period I was ecstatic with the pain level.  It was so much diminished that I felt almost normal.

That’s about 6 years ago now and the pain has returned to some degree.  It isn’t constant, but at times I take some naproxen anti-inflammatory, or ibuprofen to ease the swelling and hence the discomfort.  This continues to work for me.

At the same time, I’ve been looking for utensils / products that will alleviate some of the issues with dexterity and weakness that have returned.  I went looking for nothing specific, just “tools” in general.  After a couple of months of searching I was browsing on Amazon one day and came across the Carton Caddy.  I looked at some of the competitors but I did not like the metal one which was also much more expensive.  While the metal one was ‘Prime’, so I would not have had to pay for shipping, the Carton Caddy, even including the shipping, was cheaper.

I am very glad I purchased the Carton Caddy.  I now have four of them.  They are really sturdy but also very light which is great so the milk and juice cartons I use don’t feel any heavier to lift.  I don’t like buying drinks, liquids, in plastics because the shelf life of the product is reduced due to exposure to ultra-violet rays which isn’t the case in a cardboard carton.  I just think drinking liquids out of a carton is healthier than out of a plastic container.  Glass would be better, but glass hasn’t been used for milk or juice in years in the grocery store.

I highly recommend the Carton Caddy milk carton holder with handle to anyone and everyone suffering from neuropathy or arthritis.

The Carton Caddy, including shipping, seems to work out a little cheaper on the manufacturers web site than buying through Amazon or eBay.  You can even use your Amazon account to pay for the product on the web site.

Thank you Carton Caddy for making my life easier !