Corona Virus COVID-19 Contamination

We want to reassure our customers that, because our products are manufactured by us in the United States and Canada, there is presently no risk of them being corona virus contaminated when we pack and ship.

The corona virus, COVID-19, is rightly creating a lot of consternation in America and around the world. Possibly one of the most concerning issues is that of contagion. It seems none of the authorities really know how it originated or quite how it spreads. There is a serious lack of concrete answers to the many questions the public are, rightly, asking.

With the recent explosion of cases in Italy, Iran and South Korea, combined with the recent warnings from the CDC, it seems that it is likely to eventually break out in America and Canada.

We know that many of our customers buy products of Amazon, many of which originate in China. We want to remind our customers, and prospective customers, that all of our products are made right here in the United States and Canada. Additionally, we keep enough inventory to be able to supply products for a minimum of six months.

So, when ordering, there is no reason to fear that our products may be contaminated by the corona virus. This is true whether you are ordering here, of our web site, or off Amazon.

Thank you for your business. God bless.

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