Spring Special

This Offer Has Now Expired

We are pleased to announce a Spring Special on the H-Box® box hockey line of products manufactured by ERA Enterprises Ltd. ! This is a limited inventory, limited time special designed to make your life easier.

Over the next few weeks there are going to be a lot of frustrated, housebound hockey players. We know this for sure. This box hockey Spring Special is our way of helping you get through this trying time.

If you are a junior or minor hockey player, or perhaps even an adult hockey player, you are probably disappointed because your season has been postponed, terminated or cancelled. We understand that frustration but there is no need to be annoyed.

Now is the perfect time for you to get your very own H-Box® box hockey activity. Playing box hockey at home with a couple of your mates will keep you healthy, fit, relieve frustration and help you build skills all at the same time !

You can go for the H-Box® Pro box hockey product which comes with 4 sticks and two pucks. This is our premier product.

Or you can go for the H-Box® Quick Build kit. It works every bit as well as the Pro but does not include the decals. Why build a box out of wood when you can have a slick playing surface that actually looks like the real thing, costs less and takes a whole let less time to “build” ?

Whichever product you decide to go for, you can be assured they are quality products and you will get great service and support ! Click on the above images to see the product pages, discounted pricing and accessories !

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