Gem Squash Seeds

We are very pleased to be able to add gem squash seeds to our store this year. These seed’s heritage is South African so if you are familiar with the South African version of this squash, then you will not be disappointed with the fruit of these gem squash seeds.

The gem squash organically, although organic certification has not been, and will not, be sought, and are not representing them as organically certified produce.

Each year the crop of gem squash is harvested and the seeds prepared for sale in the spring of the following season. Consequently, the seeds for sale in 2022 are those harvested during the summer of 2021. They are cleaned and dried and put up for 2022. This process is repeated each year so you can be sure you are receiving a quality product.

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Neither the squash plants, nor the seeds, are treated with any chemicals. The plants are spreayed with an organic copper fungicide, “just in case”. Grown here in Southern Central Tennessee, it is not even necessary to use a fertilizer to achieve a bumper crop.

Southern Middle Tennessee gem squash vine.
One of the vines in Southern Middle Tennessee

Gem squash are also often referred to as Rolet squash. Seeds for this particular squash are very hard to find in North America and it is difficult to import them from other locations like Canada and Australia as nurseries there will noe allow U.S. customers to make purchases due to customs / department of agriculture seizure.