Occupational Therapists Recommend Carton Caddy ®

We are very pleased to have the support of occupational therapists for the Carton Caddy® milk and juice carton handle.  Most recently we received some very positive reviews on our Amazon store, for example:

My worsening hand arthritis sent me to occupational therapy where this product was recommended. The carton caddy was well wrapped and delivered in a timely fashion.

and another similar happy customer:

This is a great product. Rheumatoid arthritis makes it painful to grip the milk cartons for lifting and pouring. This device makes my mornings much more comfortable! The product arrived promptly.

Prompt and excellence service from this seller. The products arrived quickly and I was extremely pleased with them. I would certainly buy again from this seller and highly recommend them.

Works great! My husband was so glad for the new addition.

The Carton Caddy® is not only great for the occupational therapist’s patient, but also provides an excellent opportunity for a customized promotional item for occupational therapists.  The Carton Caddy® is especially designed to carry a custom label on the front which the occupational therapist can use to promote their services.

If you are an occupational therapist please use our contact form to contact us regarding pricing and minimal volumes for a custom labeled Carton Caddy® for your practice.

You can purchase Carton Caddy® online right here in our shop, or on Amazon or eBay.

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