Survive COVID-19 H-Box® Discount

Here at ERA Enterprises Ltd. we are pleased to announce a “Survive COVID-19 H-Box® Discount” for the month of April. This special offer will last as long as we have inventory, or until the end of April. Once we run out of allocated inventory the discount offer will end.

The H-Box® hockey box is the professional quality box hockey product perfect for your man cave. In use by 11 NHL® teams, ice hockey camps, junior teams, hockey schools and K-12 schools and colleges, church youth groups and camps, and bought by many grandparents.

Playing H-Box hockey is a great way to ease the frustration and boredom from being couped up at home for weeks on end.

Order here today !

LA Kings hockey fans enjoy H-Box hockey box.
Los Angeles Kings Fans Enjoy H-Box® Hockey

We have a lot more information, reviews, photos and videos of the H-Box® hockey box on our H-Box® web site. You can purchase it there, or come back here to purchase where you can use your Amazon account to make payment.

Please note, this offer is NOT available on Amazon or eBay.